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Summer Racing Round-Up
Our 2005 summer season has been hot and heavy. The hot weather has not been good for racing, the tracks get slick and the hot humid air does not allow us to make good power. We had a streak of six events where we raced every weekend. It was hard on the car and the crew. We did get to go places we had never been before, and met some great fans.

The weekend after the Mopar Canadian Nationals we headed to Luskville Dragway for a match race with our buddy Larry Sinke. Arnie Malcolm always puts on a great event and this one was no different, the place was packed. We would like to thank all the fans who dropped by and spent some time with us. We used the event as a test session for the up coming PMRA event over the July 1 weekend.

From Luskville we headed to North Bay for one of Arnie Malcolm's Show Me The Money events. It was the first time we had been to North Bay and we were impressed with the awesome fan turnout. The track is built on the local airport and has a concrete launching pad and is only used once a year for this event. The fans are starved of good racing and turn out in their droves to see the show. We were match racing Steve Parkhurst and his '55 Chevy and he really put on a show with his wild smoky burnouts. We came away from the event with the outright track record in both elapsed time and miles per hour. It was a long haul from Niagara Falls but definitely worth it.

The next event was back in Luskville. Another long haul to the second round of the PMRA series. We qualified well but lost in the first round when we drove through the clutch. These ProMod cars have to be setup just right to get down track, it is even more important when you are on a tricky track. We had trouble with the data recorder and with no data Joe had to make a stab in the dark at a clutch setting. We were close but as they say no cigar, the Grainy Brothers got to the other end before us and we were on the trailer. That is until Arnie talked Kasey Janzen and Joe coming out for a match race to thrill the fans again. Not the best weekend we have had at Luskville but a lot of fun.

From Luskville we headed to our first event of the year at the Grand Bend Motorplex for the WAR event. The World Alcohol Racers run dragsters, funny cars and Pro Mod classes at their events and this was the first time we had run with them. Chassis troubles has us sitting at the bottom of the field until Joe managed to slot into the third spot at the end of qualifying. We won our first round but could not make the call for the second when a broken lifter was discovered during maintenance. We did come away with the top speed of the event with a 199.95 pass.

The third round of the PMRA series was due to be held at Lancaster Dragway in New York. We were in the lanes waiting for the first round of qualifying when the rains came. It was only a sprinkle and cleared up quickly. Back to the lanes and the rain came again, this time to stay. The event has been rescheduled for October 14.

From Lancaster we headed right down the highway to Skyview Drags. This was another first for us, as the track is only two years old. They definately named the place right, the track sits on top of a peak looking out over central New York. Skyview turned out to be out to be one of those events you would rather forget. We could not get down the track and missed the field for what must be the first time in years. In an attempt to sort out our chassis problems we stayed over on the Sunday after the event and tested. The track staff were great and we learnt from the four hits we put on the car. It was definately good to have that information before heading to Norwalk.

Now we headed to Norwalk for the grandaddy of all drag races, the IHRA World Nationals. Forty four of the forty eight qualified racers were in the six second zone, ninety seven tried to qualify, it was WILD! We were number one with a 6.426, almost .2 of a second quicker than second placed John De Cerbo.